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You are playing snail bob 8

In the 8th version of the smart snail game, new adventurers are waiting for you. After the game is loaded, start the game by pressing TR from the bottom. After that you will try to take the snail to the exit with the mouse. You do not have to take the snail to the exit, you have to collect all 3 stars hidden on the screen and pass all 30 episodes. As you progress, try to make the right moves carefully, without ever forgetting that it will be even harder. If you want to stop the snail once you click on it will suffice. In the upper right corner you will see that you have 2 buttons to change the direction of the snail and accelerate. If there are sections you can not watch, you can watch the video we have prepared for you on the right. We will continue to meet you with your newest snails bob games.

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