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Are you ready to meet the world's smartest snail? We will control this character throughout the game, also known as snail bob snail bob, the first game of the series of smart snail games, and will move through the construction sites and reach the house. The game of smart snail 1 which consists of 20 different eternals will be started first from the first part, while the snail will be moving from the exit area to the exit area, we have to get all the obstacles in front of it to remove all obstacles in the first place smart snail 1 it is easy to control our character it turns into a but no give up. Let's start with the game by telling the first few chapters. In the first part, we will have to raise the smart snail up and continue on the road by pressing the air presser button after lifting the wooden obstacle by turning the arm forward. When we pass the second division by saying "Next level", we will see a cable filled with electricity here, our intelligent snail should definitely not touch it, so let's hit the snail on the ground with the snail on the ground and let the snail board down to protect the snail from the electric current, then turn the path and move the smart snail to exit the third division to the point. Finally, if we give an idea about the third episode, we'll learn something here: the X1 and X2 signs in the upper left corner will enable us to move our snail faster. In the third part, the intelligent snail 1, which is quite high, must steer and rotate our character with various means and reach the exit point.

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